The AIX Platform solves for the full product lifecycle.

Alternative investments should be easy to buy, easy to own, and easy to sell — now, with AIX, they are.

AIX creates a better investing experience.

We make the entire process easier for advisors, broker–dealers, custodians, asset managers, and their agents.

  1. Buy
  2. Own
  3. Sell
  1. Buy

    Books and records integration

    Connectivity with external data sources pre-fills client information across required paperwork.

  2. Buy

    Dynamic business rules

    Systematic checks evaluate suitability requirements, e-signature preferences and unique business rules to minimize errors.

  3. Buy

    Electronic data transmission

    Data is captured and distributed across the network of stakeholders to populate order entry systems directly and reduce manual processes.

  4. Own

    Simplified maintenance

    Changes to investor account information are entered once and populated across required paperwork.

  5. Own

    Performance monitoring

    Data processing enables access and transparency to investor-level account history and returns.

  6. Own

    Reporting analytics

    Custom reports provide unique views into product and firm-level metrics.

  7. Sell

    Streamlined workflows

    Tender and redemption requests are routed for processing according to business rules.

  8. Sell

    Rolling redemptions

    Unfilled requests are automatically rolled into the next window.

  9. Sell

    Repurchase queue

    Orders are captured and held in a back office queue until the approved window.

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