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Updated: July 17th, 2021


SponsorFundTickers or Share ClassesNotice DateDeadlineOfferFrequencyFilings
GSO/BlackstoneGSO/Blackstone Floating Rate Enhanced Income FundBGFLX–I, BGFTX–T, BGFDX–D, BGFPX–T-I, BGFVX–U5/3/215/12/215%MonthlyView Filing
BlackstoneBlackstone Real Estate Income TrustI, D, S, T7/15/217/31/212%MonthlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Credit Income FundFCRIX–I, FCREX–A, FCRLX–L, FCRMX–M, FCRUX–U, FCRTX–T5/25/216/16/215%QuarterlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Credit Real Estate Income TrustI, D, M, S, T7/16/217/31/212%MonthlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Energy & Power FundFSEP2.5%Quarterly
FS InvestmentsFS Energy Total Return FundXFEYX–I, XFEAX–A, XFELX–L, XFEMX–M, XFETX–T10%Quarterly
FS InvestmentsFS Global Credit Opportunities FundFSGCO–A, FSGCO–ADV, FSGCO–D, FSGCO–T, FSGCO–T23/1/213/30/215%QuarterlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Multi-Alternative Income FundFNNIX–I, FNNAX–A, FNNLX–L, FNNMX–M, FNNTX–T5/25/216/16/215%QuarterlyView Filing
Goldman SachsGoldman Sachs Real Estate Diversified Income FundGSRDX–A, GSREX–C, GSRHX–I, GSRJX–L, GSRQX–W6/15/207/15/205%QuarterlyView Filing
GriffinGriffin Capital Essential Asset REITZGEATX–T, ZGEASX–S, ZGEADX–D, ZGEAIX–I, ZGEAAX–A, ZQEAQX–AA, ZGEAPX–AAA, ZGEAEX–EN/A9/30/205%QuarterlyView Filing
GriffinGriffin Institutional Access Credit FundCRDTX, CGCCX, CRDIX, CRDFX, CRDLX6/29/218/5/215%QuarterlyView Filing
GriffinGriffin Institutional Access Real Estate FundGIREX–A, GCREX–C, GRIFX–I, GLREX–L, GMREX–M6/29/218/5/215%QuarterlyView Filing
ResourceResource Apartment REIT IIIA, T, R, IN/A9/30/205%QuarterlyView Filing
ResourceAlternative Credit Income FundRCIAX, RCICX, RCIWX,RCILX, RCIIX6/14/217/14/215%QuarterlyView Filing
Stone RidgeStone Ridge Trust IISRRIX4/23/215/21/218%QuarterlyView Filing
Stone RidgeStone Ridge Trust IIIAVRPX9/18/2010/9/2025%QuarterlyView Filing
Stone RidgeStone Ridge Trust VLENDX5/21/216/11/215%QuarterlyView Filing

INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The information provided above is based on publicly available information. AIX gives no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy.

Please reach out to the product sponsors directly if you have any questions regarding their offerings or policies.

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