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Updated: March 27th, 2020


SponsorFundTickers or Share ClassesNotice DateDeadlineOfferFrequencyFilings
GSO/BlackstoneGSO/Blackstone Floating Rate Enhanced Income FundBGFLX–I, BGFTX–T, BGFDX–D, BGFPX–T-I, BGFVX–U03/02/2003/11/205%MonthlyView Filing
BlackstoneBlackstone Real Estate Income TrustI, D, S, TN/A01/30/202%MonthlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Credit Income FundFCRIX–I, FCREX–A, FCRLX–L, FCRMX–M, FCRUX–U, FCRTX–T02/25/2003/18/205%QuarterlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Credit Real Estate Income TrustI, D, M, S, T02/18/2002/28/202%MonthlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Energy & Power FundFSEP02/24/2003/31/202.5%QuarterlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Energy Total Return FundXFEYX–I, XFEAX–A, XFELX–L, XFEMX–M, XFETX–T02/25/2003/18/2010%QuarterlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Global Credit Opportunities FundFSGCO–A, FSGCO–ADV, FSGCO–D, FSGCO–T, FSGCO–T202/24/2003/31/205%QuarterlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS KKR Capital Corp. IIFSK II02/19/1903/27/192.5%QuarterlyView Filing
FS InvestmentsFS Multi-Alternative Income FundFNNIX–I, FNNAX–A, FNNLX–L, FNNMX–M, FNNTX–T12/13/1901/15/205%QuarterlyView Filing
GriffinGriffin Capital Essential Asset REITZGEATX–T, ZGEASX–S, ZGEADX–D, ZGEAIX–I, ZGEAAX–A, ZQEAQX–AA, ZGEAPX–AAA, ZGEAEX–EN/A03/30/205%QuarterlyView Filing
GriffinGriffin Institutional Access Credit FundCRDTX, CGCCX, CRDIX, CRDFX, CRDLX03/27/2005/06/205%QuarterlyView Filing
GriffinGriffin Institutional Access Real Estate FundGIREX–A, GCREX–C, GRIFX–I, GLREX–L, GMREX–M03/27/2005/06/205%QuarterlyView Filing
ResourceResource Apartment REIT IIIA, T, R, IN/A03/31/205%QuarterlyView Filing
ResourceResource Credit Income FundRCIAX, RCIUX, RCICX, RIFTX, RCIWX, RCIDX03/16/2004/15/205%QuarterlyView Filing
ResourceResource Real Estate Diversified Income FundRREDX, CRREX, DRREX, IRREX, RRETX, URREX, WRREX12/16/1901/15/205%QuarterlyView Filing
Stone RidgeStone Ridge Trust IISRRIX1/31/202/28/2022.5%QuarterlyView Filing
Stone RidgeStone Ridge Trust IIIAVRPX12/20/1901/10/2025%QuarterlyView Filing
Stone RidgeStone Ridge Trust VLENDX11/15/1912/06/1910%QuarterlyView Filing

INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The information provided above is based on publically available information. AIX gives no assurance or warranty regarding the accuracy.

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