Transforming Alternative Investing

AIX is a digital platform built to improve the process for investing in alternatives and enable growth for the broader industry.

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Four challenges impact growth of alternatives in the retail market


Lack of industry standards and paper-intensive processes make it difficult to track transactions and performance of alternatives.


Enhanced regulation, including state suitability requirements and broker-dealer policies, mean increased liability.


Administrative complexities and operational challenges result in decreased access and availability of alternatives.


Manual processes and duplicative data entry result in errors and higher costs.

Now is the time to change

Paper-based processes are at the core of industry challenges and must be addressed with a solution that understands operational, legal and regulatory dimensions for all industry stakeholders.

How it works

AIX understands how to streamline the trade and settlement process.

Current paper-based purchase

  1. Trade is started
  2. Advisor & investor 3 weeks
  3. Broker dealer 2 weeks
  4. Custodian 1 week
  5. Transfer agent 2 weeks
  6. Trade complete

Current process

  • 0 days
  • 0% NIGO

AIX purchase

  1. Trade is started
  2. Advisor & investor
  3. Broker dealer
  4. Custodian
  5. Transfer agent
  6. Trade complete

With AIX

  • 0 days
  • ~0% NIGO

of AIX

Streamline operations

Reduce processing time and NIGO rates by completing paperwork electronically.

AIX creates connectivity between intermediaries to transmit data directly into third party systems.

Reduce compliance risk

Review a summary report of rule checks for every transaction to aid your compliance practices.

AIX codifies business policies and state suitability rules to streamline the investing experience.

Enhance transparency

Gain real-time visibility to track transactions and monitor investor holdings.

AIX provides reporting to view status of orders and access to investor-level performance.

Increase access & distribution

Provide a better client experience.

AIX streamlines the investing experience by removing operational barriers, opening up distribution channels and access to more investors.

AIX can transform alternative investing for you.

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